Agriturismo Ai Faris
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Agriturismo Ai Faris

Il Castello di Partistagno, visto dall'Agriturismo Ai FarisThe Castle of Partistagno
The origins of the castle date back to the middleages; the “domus” develops on three storeys where there are windows and seats made out of rock. The superior castle consists in a tower, a wood stove and and a fortified building. In the close neighborhoods there is also a church dedicated to S. Osvaldo. Some ancient finds are displayed in the Archaeological Museum of the middleages in Attimis. People can reach the castle with a 15-minutes walk, while from the Agriturismo it takes about 25 minutes.

Il Convento delle suore ClarissePorzûs - La Cappella sul luogo dove ad inizio '900 apparve la Madonna The cloister of Partistagno
The cloister was built in order to host the “Clarisse Sacramentine” nuns and welcomes the pilgrims who want to visit the numerous religious sites of the territory. The cloister it’s set a few kilometers from the Monastery of Castelmonte and it’s close to an important religious and historic site: Porzus, the village where the “Madonna delle sesule” appeared, and where it took place one of the massacres of the Second World War.

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